Gravity API v1.1
If you were looking for the legacy 1.0 documentation, you will find it here.

Before You Start

Request Types

Communication with the Gravity recommender system mostly consists of only two very basic request types, updates and recommendations. If you are already familiar with this, you can skip directly to the payload specifications or to the descriptions and examples underneath.


Whenever you send information to the system, you're updating it. For the recommender system, all and any incoming data are updates. The most common data type is information about users and their actions, but also information about products, like prices, descriptions, stock statuses etc, is ultimately inserted into the Sannsyn Recommender System as updates.

Short non-exhaustive glossary of update elements:


All operations in the Gravity system that return something, are recommendations, even though some of them are simple counts or other basic computations. They have in common that they apply an algorithm to the aggregated data within the system, and the by far most common use of this, is for recommendations; hence the name.

Short non-exhaustive glossary of elements in recommendation requests:
Clusters and entities alike are simple IDs (strings) combined with a taxon that describes the type of entity they represent. You can think of these taxa as simple labels, and usually they are just words like «person» or «item». You will need to specify them, however. Details about this, and about updates and recommendation requests and the JSON payloads to go along with such requests, are found in the payloads specification



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